The Estate Agents Council of Zimbabwe

Guiding Zimbabwean Estate Agents in the legal, ethical and professional adherence to the Estate Agents Act (Chapter 27.17).
Formed through an Act of Parliament

Requirements for opening an Estate Agency

Principal Estate Agent

Must have a principal registered estate agent in charge of the trust account at a commercial bank.

EAC 3 & Annual Return Forms

Complete EAC 3 and annual return forms (available at office)

Company Documents

Company's CR 14, Certificate of Incorporation & Indigenization compliance certificate.


The principal agent must be the main signatory to the trust account, and a letter is required to this effect from the bank.


Letter from the Chartered Accountants stating the agent has been explained the system of bookkeeping in connection with trust account.


Payments towards a new company: Registration Fee ($20 000), Compensation Fund ($7 000), Other Registered Agents ($2 500), Negotiators ($1 000/negotiator).